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I love her small smile when Carson told her his Lordship was resisting the idea of “a garden of remembrance” :)

Loved it too x

Me too! I was immediately intrigued by it. At first I thought it was because she’s somehow pleased he’s thinking differently than RahBiiwwt… And then I thought it’s maybe because RahBiiwwt agrees with her. I just don’t know! She’s so beautiful! My brain short-circuits!

Exactly!!!! Sometimes I’m so distracted by her gorgeousness that I have no idea what the hell is going on! Hahaha. True story. I get all twitterpated :) xo


You’re very flattering. When you talk like that you make me want to check the looking glass to see that my hair’s tidy.

Oh God, the breathless way she speaks. Helplessness in her eyebrows. The gasp in her words.

I wonder how long Canon!Elsie has been waiting to hear him talk like that. I wonder I wonder. Only Fellowes knows for sure.

I wonder how long Canon!Charles has wanted to talk like that to her. I wonder about the thoughts in Canon!Charles’s head when he hears her and sees her like this.

Aaaand it becomes clear that fandom is the new religion. A never-ending, impossible quest for the inherently inaccessible original.

I just love your commentary on this :) All the feels!!!xo

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all of the carson/hughes scenes together in episode 2. it needed to be done.

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